Thursday, February 18, 2010


to make me relize how much tragedy lies within our fairytales and childhood stories..While watching Babarr the other night with my grandchildren my 5 year old grandson Dallas said, “Why in almost every story one of the parents die?” got me to thinking ,,I don’t know why..then we proceeded to make a list just off of the tops of our heads..we , included, Dallas, myself, my daughter (dal’s mom) and his sister Dellaney (4)..heres what we came up with .

1. Babaar- mother gets shot by hunter right in front of Babaar

2. Bambi- mother gets shot

3. Chicken Little – being raised by father, mother died

4. Pocohanotas- mother died

5. Lion KIng Mufassa(simbas dad) is pushed off a mountain by his own brother

6 Little Mermaid-mother died

7..Nemo- mother gets eaten by shark

8. Lilo (of Lilo and Stitch) mother and father were killed in a car accident.. being raised by her sister

9..Cindrella- mother died, being raised by stepmother

10.Otis-(cow from the movie BARNYARD)father is killed by wolves or foxes almost in front of Otis

11. Quest for Camelot..Kayla. father is killed and hes brought back to village in a box on a wagon…

And these are just off of the tops of our heads..

I know a lot of the nursery rhymes we all ROCK A BYE BABY and THREE BLIND MICE and JACK AND JILL all have some sort of tragedy or violence..and cartoons had lots back in the day too..the ROAD RUNNER..TOM AND JERRY etc..

well needless to say I told him that death was a part of life and sometimes things happen…but truthfully I didn’t want to get too deep with him at that point cause I didnt want to instill paranoia in him about losing a parent or something..but it did open up dialogue…

Can anyone else think of other stories or movies that portray these things

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